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Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Your feedback and suggestions will help us build exceptional brand.

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13. What colors best represent your brand?
12. Do you want your logo to include text only (known as a ‘wordmark’ logo. Examples of famous wordmark logos include Google, Coca-Cola, and Calvin Klein), text and an icon or graphic (a ‘combination mark’, like Starbucks, Burger King), or an icon or graphic only (an ‘abstract mark’, like Pepsi’s, or ‘pictorial mark’, like Apple’s)?.
11. What are some adjectives that describe how you’d like your logo to make people feel?

Part #2 | Logo

Part #1 | Your Company

Your brand’s identity extends beyond a mere symbol; it’s the entire ethos that speaks to your clientele. Our task is to distill your vision into a compelling narrative that resonates.

Our streamlined questionnaire, designed to be completed in just six minutes, delves into the heart of what makes your brand distinctive. We focus on discerning the nuances that engage your target market and set the stage for meaningful connections.

Please prepare for a thoughtful and strategic approach to branding. We are eager to apply our expertise in creativity and strategic thinking to develop a brand presence that stands the test of time. Let’s begin this transformative journey for your brand. 🚀


9. How would you like the structure of the current icon to be handled in the redesign process?
2. How many years has your company been in operation?
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