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Greenow Landscaping
Greenow Landscaping

Greenow Landscaping

Environmental Services

About the Company

Greenow was founded on the idea of completely removing the boisterous noises, detrimental greenhouse gasses, and dangerous chemicals from landscaping practices, while still delivering refined and manicured gardens to homeowners. To pursue our mission, Greenow is utilizing a variety of innovative technology solutions such as robotic lawn mowers and back-office systems, with the usage of automatic scheduling and payments, to alleviate stress while increasing peace in our customers' everyday lives.

Project Overview

Greenow, an eco-friendly landscaping company, collaborated with Tealbe for graphic design, branding, and web design & programming.

Challenges, Strategy, and Results

The goal was to highlight Greenow's commitment to sustainable landscaping. Tealbe Digital developed a branding and web strategy that emphasized Greenow's use of innovative technology and eco-friendly practices. The result was a strong brand identity that appealed to environmentally conscious homeowners.

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