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Digital Branding Can Help You Thrive as a Realtor

Technology is a highly effective tool used in today’s real estate industry. While the real estate field becomes increasingly more competitive and fast-paced, successful real estate professionals are utilizing digital marketing efforts such as personal websites to build, expand and grow their businesses.

A savvy realtor knows that digital marketing plays an integral role in building a strong brand, widening exposure, and growing a business. As a real estate professional, you are tasked with finding your client's dream homes or helping sell their properties. Often, we can become so busy with the logistics that it is easy to forget that the key to a realtor's success is knowing how to sell yourself.

Newspaper ads, billboard ads, and direct mail are no longer the places homebuyers are looking at. Many prospective buyers are scrolling through or Zillow to do thorough research on purchasing a property. The same applies when looking for a trusted brokerage or realtor to handle their business. Clients are searching for skilled realtors online which is why so many realtors today have their own websites. A strong online presence promotes you as a trusted professional and boosts your visibility so that more eyes are on you.

How Can I Use Digital Branding?

Buyers and sellers have to know who you are first in order to trust that you are the right person to get the job done. This is where a personalized high-performing website will allow you to display your professional expertise and create a positive lasting impression. Digital branding efforts such as a real estate webpage can help market yourself and your listings in order to reach a much wider audience and establish the credibility you need in order to acquire more clients.

Here are some basic elements we recommend you consider when developing a strong online digital presence:

1. Company Name First things first, the name of your company. Your name and your logo can say a lot about who you are as a business. Choosing a brand name and logo that is memorable and attracts attention can foster a sense of familiarity among your community and target potential clients.

2. Buy a Domain and Set Up Work Emails Buying a domain is an important step in developing a website. A domain is a unique address used to locate your website on the internet. Choosing one related to your business can help your audience easily find you online.

Once you’ve established your business name and domain, your work email should be created so clients know where they should contact you.

3. Website (Layout Design, Content, Images, Programming)

Real estate businesses need a digital channel that will allow them to market their services and showcase their properties. It is important to consider how your listing assets and information will be presented. A website with an aesthetically appealing design, professional imagery, and functional programming will entice clients to want to connect and inquire about your work.

4. Corporate Style (Branding, Icons, Marketing Materials)

This is where standing out from the competition comes into play. Set yourself apart by establishing a brand that is elevated and well-designed to communicate your value to prospective and existing clients. A stunning website with rich content and great imagery will attract the right clients and grow your real estate business.

Digital Marketing is Key to Success in Real Estate

Real estate agents need an online presence in order to succeed. Having a compelling personalized website is a marketing asset that can show prospective clients who you are as a business and what you have to offer. Your website can include important information such as your area of expertise, the work you do, core values, actual testimonials of your previous clients who can advocate for your work, and much more.

An online presence shows you are credible and accessible to potential buyers and sellers. The key is knowing how to effectively market yourself using digital incentives that strengthen your brand. If you are looking to build your real estate brand, Pinnacle Realty Advisors can help connect you to digital marketing professionals like, who can provide professional insight based on the clients you are looking for and help develop a compelling online presence that is optimized to help convert leads into sales.

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