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Unlock Your Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal & Business Branding

"A Crash Course on Branding Yourself for Career and Business Success" : Join Us for an Unforgettable Event!

In today's fast-paced business world, having a strong personal brand has never been more important. A compelling personal brand helps you stand out, get noticed, and achieve your professional goals. If you're looking to build a successful career or grow your business, it's time to invest in personal branding.

That's why we're thrilled to announce our upcoming event, "A Crash Course on Branding Yourself for Career and Business Success." This one-of-a-kind event will bring together two expert speakers and a moderator for an in-depth look at the power of personal branding.

Meet Expert Speakers:

Karolina Maria Orr, Public Relations Account Executive at JConnelly | Finance and Communications PR Specialist

Karolina Maria Orr is a finance and communications specialist with extensive experience on Wall Street and in the world of PR. She has worked as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley in Chicago and as a private banker in Manhattan, advising UHNW families on a range of financial and public matters. At JConnelly, she focuses on advising her clients on elevating their brand and connecting with their target audience.

Dominyka Venciute, PHD, Founder & Consultant at Persona Cognita | Educator | Marketer | Employee Advocacy & Employer Branding

Dominyka Venciūtė, PHD is a leading personal brand expert, lecturer at ISM University of Management and Economics, certified marketing manager, and founder of Persona Cognita. She has been working in marketing for over a decade, with a focus on personal branding. Today, she consults companies and individuals on marketing and communications, organizes employee advocacy programs, and helps professionals develop their personal brands.

Inga Jonikiene, Founder & Digital Branding Strategist at Tealbe Digital Branding Agency

The event will be moderated by Inga Jonikiene, a global-minded, New York-based digital marketing and PR expert and the founder of Tealbe, a boutique branding agency. With years of expertise, skills, and experience, Inga leads startups to launch new services or products in preferred markets and helps companies solidify their positioning and idea presentation. She holds a Certificate of Business Analytics from Harvard Business School Online and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration from ISM University of Management and Economics.

This event is a must-attend for anyone looking to build a successful career or grow their business. You'll learn from the best, network with like-minded individuals, and leave with a solid understanding of personal branding. Register now and get ready to take your personal brand to the next level!

Don't miss out on this unforgettable event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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​New York Lithuanian Professionals

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