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What Elements Are Essential For a Website?

So you are thinking about creating a website but you are not sure where to start? Don't worry! We will go over the basics so you can begin designing an effective website for your brand.

Let's talk about why all businesses need a website. The success of your company can strongly depend on your online presence. If you think about the customer journey, most people are searching the web to learn more about a product or service before making a purchase. Companies need an appealing webpage that is professional and credible. By doing so, you will instill trust and boost your visibility which is key to generating revenue.

So Where Should You Start?

The first step is to know your audience. Having a clear idea about who you are targeting will help in the design process of your website. Consider what products or services you are offering and how you can showcase those effectively. The appearance of your website is also another factor that can impact results. If you are still unsure where to begin, start by thinking about your company's purpose and use this as the foundation to assemble your webpage.

Cohesive Branding is SO Important Here

Your site design is dependent on your company's branding. You need a website that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye. How you decide to display your website can affect people's perception of who you are as a business. So what do you want people to think or feel when coming across your page?

Consider these:

#1 Color-Scheme

I'm sure you know that colors play an essential role when designing a website. Just search on Google the Psychology of Color and you will find tons of articles that focus on the power of color. According to a Web FX study, nearly 85% of consumers name color as the primary reason that they purchase a particular product.

Colors are often used as a marketing tactic to convey certain emotions or feelings to the viewer. It is important to do extensive research on the colors you are thinking of choosing for your design. Choosing the right colors can really make a difference when trying to reach your audience.

#2 Fonts

Selecting fonts is just as important as the selection of colors for your web page. The aesthetics of your webpage are strongly influenced by the shape and letters of your font. It is what your audience sees and reads to understand your company (and there is also a psychology behind font choice)! Using the wrong font can evoke the wrong emotion and that's exactly what you do not want.

Typically brands stick to two fonts to illustrate their communication. Your two fonts should complement each other and look good side by side. Often times one font is bigger than the other to create a neat balance on your website.

#3 Visual Components

Along with text, visual components can be used as a way to attract your customers. Your images can strengthen your branding and help personalize your user experience. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words and they are right! Images are an important part of your website strategy because they add character. They bring your website to life and capture people’s attention. More eyes mean more traffic and more traffic can mean more conversions.

Tealbe Digital Website Design

#4 The Layout of Your Design

The structure of the website is crucial in the development of the appearance of your website. Your layout should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It does not matter if you have the best product on the market, if your users can not easily locate them you are going to have a problem. The navigation menu and pages on your site should be simple and will not overload your visitors. This is critical to index your website for search engines. Your goal is to have an SEO-optimized webpage for your company that can increase your customer base. People need to be able to easily find you on the result page on Google.

#5 Adaptable Design

Your webpage design should be adaptable to all different devices. So many people use their phones to make purchases and it is your job to ensure your design is adjustable to all screens. This can be a reason why you should stick with a minimal clean design that can look appealing on a mobile device.

#6 Powerful Copy

You want the text on your webpage to easily communicate your messages without writing a whole novel. Short, concise and straightforward is the way to go to reach a larger audience. Well-written content is descriptive enough to inform and engage your viewers while also optimizing for the web.

So What Makes a Good Website?

Although it is important to have a website for your company, you should always think about the quality of the website. Of course, it is important to have all these components we discussed but make sure you dedicate some time and effort when developing your website. Remember that your website is a place where you get to showcase what you are offering uniquely. You want to make sure it stands outs and engages anyone who decides to scroll through your web pages.

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